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     Hi, I’m SUBHAMOY BHATTACHARJEE, I’m from India’s North-East – an amazing land of many contradictions. It’s a magnificently beautiful region, but plagued with myriad conflicts; replete with abundant natural and diverse cultural resources, but weighed down by poverty and backwardness. The mighty Brahmaputra – ‘ Tsangpo ‘ in neighbouring Tibet – and other rivers add to its splendour and provide sustenance to millions for most of the year, but impoverish the same people during monsoon every year.

I tell the tale of this incredible land, with my pictures.

Writing and photography have been my passions since childhood. Later, I combined the both while working for some dailies and periodicals in the 1990s.

My keenness to learn photography prompted me to join a studio, where I worked as a part-timer even when I was associated as a journalist with a daily in Guwahati – the main city of the region. I also did a short course on photography in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

Sometime in late-1990s, I realized that pictures were more powerful than words. And since then I have been pursuing a career in photojournalism.

Apart from dailies and periodicals in North-East India, my photographs are published in Indian National newspaper The Indian Express, The Deccan Herald, The Telegraph, along with the magazines like OUTLOOK, TEHELKA, DOWN TO EARTH, OUTLOOK TRAVELLER, HARMONY etc. Documentary, News Features and Book projects attracts me most.

I am a regular contributor to www.bbc.co.uk for the last six years from northeast India.
A few of my photographs have appeared in a National Geographic publication, called, “Holidays around the World” in 2006.

My photographs published in The Indianapolis Star in Indiana (USA) and at Der Spiegel (German Magazine) in Europe in 2008.

I completed a “Workshop on Strengthening Media Professionalism and the NGO-Media Interface in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for HIV/AIDS Coverage” under a joint programme organized by Indiana University and Southern Illinois University in USA in June-July 2008.

I did an internship at The Indianapolis Star in Indiana, USA in July 2008.

The North-East India comprises seven States – Assam, Aruanchal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura.

I am based in Guwahati, the gate way city to north east India. And travelling across the region and other part of the country is a part and parcel of my professional career as a Freelance Photojournalist.

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